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Imagine a branding and graphic design agency, led by creative directors trained in subsidiaries of the best advertising agencies in the world, thus combining design and advertising, two universes that, although similar, have been separated for a long time.


There are several reasons why there is still a separation between design and advertising:


Design agencies specialise in creating the visual elements that identify a company (brand, branding and brand identity: three complementary processes), while advertising agencies are responsible for creating communication concepts that allow us to have a clear idea of the personality and values ​​of the brands that we use or wish to use.


At Ocampo we believe that both, design and advertising, should be inseparable and that all the visual elements that identify a company should be loaded with powerful concepts, capable of transmitting a personality and values ​​in a clear and magnetic way.

Through designvertising, our team works so that each of the brands we create clearly represents that value, role or purpose that makes the company and the people behind it unique, so that a website, a packaging, a digital signature or even a business card become highly creative tools, capable of generating emotional and highly empathetic responses towards our clients brands.


Today, at Ocampo we are very happy to share with you the designvertising, a work methodology discovered and refined during 15 years of creative collaboration with brands such as Abbot, Adidas, Audi, CROUS, Energizer, Honda, Ibis Budget Hotels, Nissan, Seat, SNCF, Tam Airlines, Unicef, Visa and Volkswagen among others.


  1. Design and creativity will be your yin and yang.

  2. You will learn to appreciate all visual styles.

  3. You will see the potential of all the projects you work on.

  4. Common sense and aesthetics will be one with you.

  5. You will use your knowledge to create, not to destroy.

  6. You will try all the ideas that you can think of to reach the ideal result.

  7. You will honor the references that you use for your creations.

  8. You will be sincere and admit the limitations of your creations.

  9. You will stimulate and support those who wish to contribute to designvertising.

  10. You will tolerate and / or understand those who do not believe in designvertising.

  11. Simplify and you will enhance.

  12. You will open your mind to new ideas. The world evolves, designvertising too.